Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age restriction at Cadence?
Yes. As of April 2013, Cadence at The Lakes is now the Okanagan's newest Active Adult Community.  Each home must have at least one person over 45 years of age and the youngest resident must be 19 or over; however, your kids and grandkids are always welcome visit!
Is Cadence at The Lakes freehold property?
Yes. Cadence is a freehold strata title property, which means you own your lot and your home in their entirety. It is not leasehold, nor is it First Nations property.
What is a bare-land strata? Do I pay fees for this?
A bare land strata is governed by The Strata Property Act and refers to the subdivision of land into strata lots and common property. In a bare-land strata development, each lot is individual and, in our case, features a self-contained, single-family dwelling. This is unlike a conventional strata development, where the lots share all of the land and buildings, as well as the common property. The common property at Cadence is the recreational facility that all residents will have the exclusive right to use. Because this property is shared between the homeowners, a monthly strata fee will need to be charged in order to cover the ongoing cost of maintenance. However, since the fees for bare land strata do not need to cover the expense of maintaining all the individual dwellings within the development, they are significantly lower than conventional strata property fees.

For more information on what else your strata fees will cover, please refer to our Maintenance Free section.
Are pets allowed at Cadence?
Yes.  As per the Strata Bylaws, you may have up to 2 dogs or a combination of dogs and cats, not exceeding 2 animals in total.
Do I pay for geothermal heating and cooling? Do I have any options?
You have two options for paying your geothermal costs. One option is to become a customer of TerraSource Geothermal Utility Services and pay a monthly fee for unlimited heating and cooling. This rate is linked to the Consumer Price Index in British Columbia and increases only if the Consumer Price Index increases. Your other option is to purchase your geothermal system outright. By doing this, you will own your own ground loops and would never have to pay another monthly fee. This is why it is common to hear that geothermal energy pays for itself in about 8-9 years.

For more information, please refer to our Geothermal section or visit
What if I want to first be a TerraSource Geothermal Utility Services customer and then purchase my geothermal system at a later date?
No problem. You can purchase your system outright at any time. The customer cost for this option is equal to the current Monthly Loop Access Fee multiplied by the Early Termination Multiplier (109).
When will the recreational centre be built? 
Cadence's exclusive Recreation Area is now open and ready to be enjoyed!
Is this a gated community?
Cadence at The Lakes features an attractive perimeter fence and landscaped boulevard, but does not have an actual gated entrance. This is because the District of Lake Country will continue to be responsible for maintaining the roadways, sewer system, light standards, and fire hydrants within the development. Consequently, because these costs do not need to be accounted for in the Strata budget, the savings are passed on to residents in the form of lower monthly strata fees.
Is Property Transfer Tax (PTT) payable on the lot and home?
Changes to the Property Transfer Tax rules were made in February, 2016 that provide for an exemption for newly built homes.  If the home is valued at less than $750,000.00, is your principal residence, and your are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you no longer have to pay any Property Transfer Tax.

For more information, please visit:
Are Cadence at The Lakes and The Lakes the same entity?
No. Cadence at The Lakes is an adult community being built within the already established neighbourhood of The Lakes. We are a bare-land strata development offering home and lot packages for those seeking a maintenance free lifestyle. The Lakes itself sells lots for either builders or purchasers to build their own homes and is not strata.
How close are you to the airport and UBCO? What is the distance to Vernon or Kelowna?
We are just 13 KM from the Kelowna International Airport and 15 KM from UBCO. Cadence is 20 minutes south of Vernon and 20 minutes north of Kelowna.
What style of homes do you offer and how are they priced?
Cadence at The Lakes offers rancher-style single family homes with nine different floorplans to choose from and a wide range of basement finishing options. Prices for house packages vary depending on the size of the lot and the style of the floorplan; however, all of our prices include the house, lot, landscaping, and exposed aggregate driveway. Packages at Cadence can range between $603,900 to $826,900*.

* Subject to availability.  Prices subject to change without notice.
Is there an opportunity to customize my home at Cadence at The Lakes?
Yes, although we like to say we are a “personalized home builder” rather than a “custom home builder”.

At Cadence, you will have the opportunity to work with our planning team to personalize your home by selecting from a wide range of carefully curated options. And, if you’d like, you are also able to work directly with our cabinet, flooring, and appliance suppliers to further personalize your selections.

As a developer of a master planned community, Cadence is able to buy and build in volume. This allows us to enjoy economies of scale and labour efficiencies which, in turn, is why our personalized homes cost significantly less than a similar custom home.